Vuelta Ibiza Kayak

Round Ibiza kayaking in a week: little creeks, sunken boats, diving points, sea caves, rocks tunnels, cliffs lighthouses, little beach bars, islets...
Join us in a plenty os nature holiday!

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we have everything ready!

Ibiza Kayak tour is designed for beginners, the only thing you need is to be healthy, have a positive attitude, open mind, keen to improve yourself and have fun!

You need to be over 18 although we accept teenagers coming with their parents. It is mandatory to know how to swim.

The price includes everything needed to lose fear and enjoy the sport and nature.

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days & prices

Ibiza tour

We leave from Santa Eulalia’s beach (where it gathers with the river) and we arrive back to the same spot. The stops are decided by the guides always upon the group’s needs and weather.

During 6 nights we surround the island of Ibiza, paddling an average of 5 hours a day doing a total amount of 120 km.
The stretch of Ibiza’s harbor and Ibiza city is not done since it is forbidden.

All through the day we do several stops on interesting points such as caves, shipwrecks, diving areas, rock tunnels, lighthouses on cliffs, charming beach bars, hidden beaches, islets, etc. We never leave the coast.

June July August September
480€ 540€ 540€ 520€

If the tour is full, send us your data and we put you on the waiting list, thank you!

What do the kayaking trip costs include?

  • Basic kayak notions: avoid capsizing, stability, balance, propulsion and sailing, get back on board in case of capsizing, etc.
  • Safety at Ibiza kayak tour; support boat, emergency radio, lifejackets, first-aid kit, buoyancy kayaks, etc.
  • Ibiza kayak tour staff: kayak instructor level 1. Lifeguard.
  • Equipment of Ibiza kayak tour: self-emptying kayaks, paddles, lifejacket, waterproof bag (to keep clothes dry) waterproof pot (for valuables).
  • Accident insurance: covers the accidents happening with the kayak during the tour.
  • Civil liability insurance.
  • And food?

  • All water needed for the tour.
  • Everyday breakfast (coffee, tea, chocolate, melon, bread, tomatoes, jam, cookies and toasts).
  • Four out of six dinners: rice, pasta, pulses, you will always have a glass of wine to toast!
  • The idea is to make a strong breakfast, light lunch and strong dinner, if we eat too much at lunch time we don’t paddle anymore!
    You can bring: cold meat, tins, bread, fruits, dry nuts, etc.
    During the tour we will have several stops at areas with supermarket facilities and if the group wants, we will stop at places with beach bars to be able to have lunch or dinner.
    At the beach bar you will be able to buy cold drinks during the entire tour.

    Where do we have some rest?

    In wild areas with sleeping bag and mats. We never put tents and we always leave the area in better conditions than found!

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    VIK's soul

    VIK will take your mind of a stressful life and everyday tasks, filled with consumerism, deadlines, goals, pollution, mobile phones, stress, expectations, etc.; we want people to reconnect with their own natural being
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    a daily life at VIK

    The day starts slowly and calmly. We enjoy the silence of the bay for stretching exercises that leave our bodies flexible and happy.

    our staff

    We have been surrounding Ibiza island since 2011. We know all the nooks and secrets of the island and we are willing to share them.
    We won the Fitur national price in 2014 to the best active tourism product in nature.
    We are nature and ibiza lovers and we are willing to share it with you.

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    Before booking you must answer those questions:

    • Are you ready for team work?
    • Are you ready to be in nature for seven days without the usual resources?
    • Are you able to adapt to the unexpectedness of nature?
    • Are you aware that, in order to create such an interesting experience you must collaborate with a positive and constructive attitude?

    If your answers are affirmative, you are welcome at Ibiza kayak tour. For booking fill the form or send us an e-mail with the following details:

    name and surname, e-mail, age, and phone number of all the participants. Also the chosen dates for the route and if you wish to rent mats, how many. With all this, we send you the booking and the payment procedure. You can also ask your doubts.

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