Vuelta Ibiza Kayak soul


VIK will take your mind of a stressful life and everyday tasks, filled with consumerism, deadlines, goals, pollution, mobile phones, stress, expectations, etc.; we want people to reconnect with their own natural being.

We travel light and forget about material things. People enter into nature, feeling it, living it and experiencing it. By doing so, people can be one withtheir own inner nature. We could compare this with el Camino de Santiago because you are immersed in nature, you have a physical challenge to overcome and you find a clarity state that allows you to make wise decisions. During the week you are at the sea with Vuelta Ibiza Kayak, a space emerges in which you can be who you really are, become your best self and allow your inner child to flourish. In a context like that we all act naturally, transparently, authentically, and this is what we should be grateful for in this money based system.

"VIK reminds you tha YOU are the nature than you see, it si not outside you, there is no distinction"

Hoy do we do that? We move by our own means (paddling by kayak), we don't stop at shops; we live with the rhythm of the sun, waking up at sunrise and going to sleep at sunset. We reduce the use of mobile phones and the Internet. We bathe at the beaches and we bring only necessary thing, nothing else.


We travel in small groups and it's ideal for all people, whatever your ideology, race, religion or social background is. Open to a wide range of ages, 18 and over. But we also accept teenagers accompanied by their parents.

People from all walks of life come to Vuelta Ibiza Kayak: single people, families with teenagers, groups of friends, brothers, an uncle and his nephew, couples, a father and his daughter, etc. Everybody enjoys this adventure and you can see that all of us, even with our differences, kayaking at the sea, we become equal.

“Don't look at the cape in front of you, enjoy the cliff, the sea and the fish you have at this moment, that's the only real thing”

During this adventure, if you need to spend time alone it will be very easy to do it. You can be integrated and surrounded by the nature. On the contrary, if you want to be in contact with people you will have the chance to meet new friends in a context of respect, solidarity and humour. In either case, you are at the right place.

Participating in VIK requires physical effort from you but every healthy person can do it. Not just for athletes. You will learn basic notions of sea kayak paddling and a logistical support boat will accompany the adventure.

Ibiza, natural paradise

It's a great honour for Vuelta Ibiza Kayak to have given to Ibiza island a nature prize called TURISMO ACTIVO EN LA NATURALEZA (Fitur 2014) The famous island is a natural paradise, really worth seeing. It's a pity that Ibiza is mostly known for the parties.

Ibiza is an explosion of nature. Vuelta Ibiza Kayak shows you its wild hidden side. We stop at unfrequented coves and we sail along the coast. Our goal is to recover the authentic Ibiza that has always been there, that Eivissa of sharp coast, sweet hills, watchtowers, fertile salt plains, houses, churches, whitewashed mills, crystalline water, fishermen's houses, terraced crops, open-minded and friendly people. For these reasons Eivissa is declared a Patrimony of Humanity.

We love Ibiza, the magic island...

VIK and the nature environment

As already been said, in VIK we take in consideration that we are not in the nature, but that we are part of it, we are nature. We treat the environment as we would like to be treated:with respect and love.

We always carry a bag for trash at the bow of the support boat. If we identify any trash in the sea from our kayak, we pick it up and put it into the bag. We do a cleaning sweep before leaving a beach. If a small and not busy cove is a little bit dirty, we organise a general cleaning sweep as well all around the beach. We use recycle containers to bring the food. At the supply boat we don't disturb the Posidonia Marina (alga) with the anchor..

We try to reduce in our displacements as much as possible, because in kayak we just use our own energy.