a daily life at
Vuelta Ibiza Kayak

The day starts slowly and calmly. We enjoy the silence of the bay for stretching exercises that leave our bodies flexible and happy.

The vitality from the stretching a fast bath in the sea it's the best combination to start a day smiling. The instructors explain the plan of the day pointing the places on a map and telling some curiosities to come. Some tourists appear and enjoy looking at us with curiosity in our ritual of kayakers preparation trip.

Once at the sea there is a rule: “Don't look at the cape in front of you, it never comes. Enjoy the cliff, the sea, the fish that you have at this present moment which is the only real thing”

Each day's section of sea is full of surprises: caves, hidden coves, native flora and fauna, transparent water, etc. Everybody can enjoy swimming, looking at shipwrecks, playing, discovering, etc. In the middle of the day's kayaking we always have a break to rest, eat something and, why not? Drink a well-deserved cold beer.

The kayak instructor is heading the adventure. On the back the support boatcontrols and takes care of the whole group. It assists if needed and provides kayakers with water and energy bars. Both instructors give advice on the paddling techniques , as well as describe the coast and some localsecrets and curiosities.

Once we arrive at the cove we do some stretching exercises to relax the muscles, to avoid the feeling of exhaustion later. We take a break and the land instructor comes to bring us dinner. If we wish we can go with him for a short hike in the surrounding area to continue discovering this magic island.

The expression you see on the explorers' faces when the sun plummets momentously, giving us the gift of a countless colours on the sea, the clouds, the trees, the rocky shapes, it's just priceless.